My goal is to ensure that you have the best experience possible with Emilee Chambers Photography.

I’ve answered a couple of frequently asked questions below that will make the process of your session

or event an overall fun, memorable, and enjoyable experience.


What type of sessions can I book?

I specialize in maternity, family, senior, engagement,  and weddings! Here are some quick tips for these different session types:

Maternity • These are best scheduled in the seventh or at the beginning of your eight month of pregnancy!

Family • Don’t worry about getting your wee ones to smile; that’s what I’m here to do! Just focus on enjoying your family + loving on them which will produce natural images containing memories for you to smile back on.  Do bring some snacks for bribery positive reinforcement or some favorite toys for entertainment and quick breaks. Sometimes teddy bears or your more photogenic toys are best in case little kiddos cannot do without snuggling their little buddy during your session! Just to provide a little reassurance – I am a Special Education Preschool Teacher by day, a mother of 3 (almost 4!) young children, and not to brag, but I was voted class clown in my senior class of 2004. I have no shame in acting a lil’ goofy to ensure a successful session!

Senior • Be comfortable + bring outfit changes [if that’s your thing!] Feel free to do it up right – primp + pamper yourself prior to your session. See some of the tips regarding what to wear a few questions below!

Engagement • Love is a beautiful thing, so don’t be afraid to show it!  I would love to photograph you in your element, having fun together in a place special to the two of you –  sipping coffee at your favorite local coffee shop, sharing an ice cream cone, or having a paint war! We can also do an on location setting in a beautiful park, open field, or wherever your hearts fancy! I love love, and I would LOVE to photograph yours.

Weddings •  I want to know how you met, how you got engaged, and what makes your love so very special. I’d love to get together with you over coffee, frozen yogurt, or dinner to discuss all your hopes + dreams for your wedding day!


When + Where?  Time + place?

I would like for your session to take place where you feel at ease – preferably somewhere that is especially significant to you + your loved ones or somewhere that is particularly picturesque. This may mean we will go to a local park, a farm, a playground, or your home! I specialize in on-location, natural light photography.

An outdoor session is best photographed based on the light which means that the early evening (an hour before sunset) or mid- morning is my preference. If you choose to have your session photographed indoors, I’d love if we could work around your child(ren)’s happiest time of day in a well lit room.


Eek! I’m so excited – what should I wear?

Clothing can set the mood of the session, so what you choose to wear is such an important decision! My best advice is to keep it simple, think “head to toe,” and coordinate but don’t be too matchy-matchy if others will be in your images.

Keep it Simple • Don’t be so fancy that you aren’t able to move around in your outfit of choice! You want the images to make YOU stand out, not the super-flattering-but-incredibly-uncomfortable dress you’re wearing.

Think “Head to Toe” • Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize! Think about your hair, your clothes [teeny or no logos are best!] your hats, your scarves, your jewelry, your nail polish, your shoes, and even that pesky hairband on your wrist. The more “put together” your look is, the more professional your pictures will appear to you + the more you’ll love them in the end! Also, if you have any props that you’d like to bring along – don’t hesitate!

Coordinate but don’t be too matchy matchy • I suggest that everyone not wear the exact same outfit; instead, choose a color palette for your family! Variety is key! Also, keep in mind where in your home you’d like to place these images so that they’re sure to complement your style. One tip I can offer you is this – if you’re looking for outfits for a large family session, grab some paint swatches at your local hardware store of the clothing colors you’d like for your images. Share them with all family  members so everyone has the same understanding of the shade of coral or teal you’re envisioning!

Please feel free to bring multiple outfits and lots of different accessories! Wear your favorite look first.


What can I expect from a session with Emilee Chambers Photography?

Expect to have a blast with a super fun lady! 😉 I like to think that I make sessions enjoyable, easy, and relaxing! Sessions with kiddos involved run smoothly when parents don’t have to worry about trying to keep their littles smiling. Have fun + be silly with your family – I’ll take care of the rest!

Maternity, senior, engagement, or bridal sessions typically consist of comfortable conversations and lots of image snapping on my end! I want you to be comfortable and I like to learn more about YOU!

I am primarily a Lehigh Valley portrait and wedding photographer, but I am always up for traveling! Don’t hesitate to ask!

Photo sessions last approximately 1 hour.


Oh man, I’m loving all of this! How do I book a session?

To book a session or event [or to get more info], please contact me by clicking [Inquire] or email me at

Once you have booked a date, you will receive a contract that will list the terms and conditions of contracting my services. This will need to be signed and returned before your session, pretty please!


How much is this going to cost me?

Check out my [Investment] page on the main menu. Wedding collections start at $2000, and portrait packages start at $125.


How many images do you deliver from a session? From a wedding?

I typically deliver anywhere approximately 60 images [often times more!] for a one hour session. I deliver approximately 75-100 images per hour for a wedding.


Do you edit ALL of my images?

Every image you receive will be edited – from start to finish – by yours truly. I take great pride in ensuring that your images are exactly as I want them to be. The images you don’t receive from your session/wedding will consist of what I fondly refer to as “repeats, blinks, + blurries.” I assure you, as a professional photographer + a wife/mother/bride myself, I am giving you all the images that I would want to have if I were in your shoes.


Our session is finished and was absolutely wonderful! What next? AKA When do I get my images?

Well, first you must wait just a bit until I’m finished retouching and enhancing your lovely images! As I mentioned above, I edit every single image! I try to send/give your edited photos to you as quickly as possible. For any portrait session, you’ll receive your online gallery within 3 weeks, and for weddings you’ll receive your online gallery within 8 weeks! Your gallery can be password protected if you’d like it to be – just ask! As a “thank you!” for booking a session, you’ll receive a discount off of prints purchased from the gallery!

You will have access to your very own online gallery containing all of the images from your session. You will receive a password which will grant you the access to download all of your images from your gallery. Please be sure to back up your images in a few places (multiple laptops, a CD, a hard drive, etc.) so you’ll be sure to always have access to them! I will include a Limited Use License for your images.

I know that a 3-8 week wait time can be a nail biter, so I try to post a few teasers on Facebook! Follow me at Emilee Chambers Photography to be sure you see them, and share the images with your family + friends!


Can you tell me a little bit more about what it means to have my very own online gallery?

Your images will be added to a personalized online gallery for you to view and to share with family + friends. All of your images in the gallery will be available for download. You are also able to order prints right from your gallery! All photos printed from your personalized online gallery will be printed at a professional lab and mailed directly to your home. What does this mean, you ask? Sometimes color calibration is not quite right when you print at retail locations with a photolab. It would be a shame to go to all the effort to have images professionally taken only to hang up a subpar image on your wall! This would make me sad.


I have my pictures + I’m looking fabulous in them! Can I share them, print them, or post them on Facebook for all the world to see?

There’s nothing that thrills me more than to see the images I’ve taken used as profile pictures on Facebook! Please flood your friends’ news feeds with your new images!  Please do not post photos to the Internet without credit to my business [you can tag Emilee Chambers Photography!] and please do not edit my photos in any way [cropping, filtering, and such.] As the photographer, Copyright Law states that I hold the sole copyright to any and all images that I produce, even after you receive them. Your images may be featured on my website, my blog, and/or advertisements.  By hiring me you agree to these terms!

In addition to online sharing, I 100% encourage you to print and preserve your memories for years to come! There is nothing quite like holding your precious memories in your hands and seeing them on the walls of your home or office! You will receive a Limited Use License, which gives you permission to print and use images for personal (non-commercial) use. And as stated before, you are welcome to order prints and things from your online gallery!


If you have any other questions that weren’t answered above, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I’d love to chat.