Hello Hello! I’m Emilee Chambers, the lead photographer behind Emilee Chambers Photography, + I partner with the best guy ever, my husband Tristin! We are grateful + humbled that you’re taking some time out of your day to see what Emilee Chambers Photography is all about. We are portrait and wedding photographer team serving the Lehigh Valley, Berks County, + surrounding areas.

Here are the most important things for you to know about US before we photograph YOU.

    1. We met and fell in love as young college kids in Lynchburg, Virginia while attending Liberty University. Emilee was mystified by Tristin’s hockey skills while Tristin couldn’t get enough of Emilee’s hilarious + outgoing nature. 
    2. We both grew up in Pennsylvania and are thrilled to call it home once again! Tristin grew up in Lancaster (guys – like a mile away from Shady Maple!), and Emilee grew up in the Lehigh Valley. 
    3. We have a deep love for family. We  have three kiddos – Lukas + Eliza are 4 year-old twins, and we’ve got a 2 year-old named Everett! Our family’s caboose will be born in March of 2018 – a little boy! Our kids are goofy and wonderful and adorable and all around perfect, but we’re kinda biased.
    4. Emilee has been behind the lens professionally since 2009!
    5. We love Jesus, and our faith in Him plays a key part in all that we do.

Thanks for taking a little bit of time to learn about us! We’d love the chance to learn about YOU. If you’re looking for fun + creative photographers, please contact us today. We’re excited to hear from you!